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Photo Credit:  Chris Crook

What You Can Find in the library

The James L. Murphy Research Library currently holds the Roseville Legend Archive, historic maps, postcards, and photographs. The research library will soon also house the Family Histories Archive, Civil War Veterans profiles, and more.

James L. Murphy

The Roseville Historical Society owes a debt of gratitude to Jim Murphy (as he was known) for his contributions over the years to the Roseville Legend newsletterJim shared his passion and knowledge of Ohio pottery and stoneware with our members with his in-depth articles, photos, catalog sheets, and broadsides.

Jim was born and raised in Salem, Ohio.  He held multiple degrees from Ohio University and Case Western Reserve University.  He served as a Research Assistant at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and a Research Assistant and Curator of Collections at the Department of Geology at Case Western Reserve University.  In later years he worked at the Ohio Historical Society and retired from his final position in the Cataloging Department at the Ohio State University Library. 

It was Jim who wrote the first article for the first issue of the Roseville Legend in 1999. In his first article he provided a fresh perspective of the Roseville Pottery Company by using company letterhead with renderings of the various buildings that operated in Roseville and Zanesville.  Jim went on to write articles over the next twelve years for the newsletter that explored pottery and stoneware that were not mainstream or popular.  He understood the historical significance of these early utilitarian implements and was always educating our members about what to look for while out exploring for early examples of cooking ware, coffee pots, canners, crocks, and jugs produced in Roseville, Ohio.

So, in memory of Jim’s generous contribution to the Roseville Historical Society we have created the James L. Murphy Research Library.  We have been gathering books, photos, maps, catalog sheets, and other items over the past 25 years that explore the various individual potters, stoneware manufacturers, and pottery factories that operated in Roseville, Ohio in the 19th and 20th century.  As we get the library up and running we will begin to digitize these artifacts for greater access to our members.

Roseville Legend Archive

An Archive of "The Roseville Legend" Newsletter, 1999 - 2001
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Historic Maps

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Family Histories

Photo Credit: Chris Crook


Civil War Veteran Profiles


History From Home

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Registry of Roseville Ohio’s Pottery Workers

The Pottery Workers registry was established to compile the names of the men and women who worked in the potteries in or near Roseville, Ohio. The registry is an ongoing project which recognizes each worker, by name, and honors their contribution in making the potteries a success from the earliest days in Roseville, Ohio (1838 – present).
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Directory of Roseville Ohio's Pottery Companies

Starting in 2022, the Roseville Historical Society established a working group to research the various potteries that once operated in Roseville. You can browse and search the results of this ongoing research here in our interactive directory.
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