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Honoring The Pottery Workers of Roseville, Ohio

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The Roseville Ohio Pottery Worker’s Registry was established to compile the names of the men and women who worked in the potteries in or near Roseville, Ohio.

The registry recognizes each worker, by name, and honors their contribution in making the potteries a success from the earliest days in Roseville, Ohio (1838 – present).  

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Our registry is an ongoing project that is only going to grow as research continues.  

If you know of a pottery worker who is not included in this registry, please consider sharing their story with us.

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Roseville Ohio Pottery Workers Registry

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James L. Murphy Research Library

Photo Credit: Chris Crook
Houses a wide variety of objects, including genealogical materials, maps, paintings, prints, postcards, uniforms, and photographs as well as an archive of the Roseville Historical Society's newsletter, The Roseville Legend
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Directory of Roseville Ohio's Pottery Companies

Starting in 2022, the Roseville Historical Society established a working group to research the various potteries that once operated in Roseville. You can browse and search the results of this ongoing research here in our interactive directory.
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